Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 15th finally arrived!

So my hardiness date is May 15th & it was a very busy  weekend. Adam graduated from law school and we were hit by a very crazy 20 minute hail storm.  We lost some of our zucchini in the
storm but were able to transplant it on Sunday the 15th.  We had to have our garden doubled in size.  The new area has either never been gardened or hasn't been worked in years.  The soil is wonderfully fresh and moist! Our early seeds have begun to go nuts and we are sure to have a ton of radishes (please pass on any recipes you may have). A few weeks earliers, we were able to find some swiss chard and transplant about 12 bunches.  We also were able to put in the fennel I started from seed, and then transplanted both red and green cabbage, and brussels sprouts.  So now we were able to say we have a garden right? Absolutely not!  We needed to go big or drive the 27 miles home!  Adam and  have definitely gone overboard this year but I think it'll be worth it.  We were able to put in the zucchini we thought we'd lost, eggplants, cucumbers, watermelons, peppers, & hot peppers on our hardiness day of 5.15.10. Adam's parents came out to help and it was help that we totally needed.  Cousin Derek came over and helped some but I think he was more interested in socializing with older people.  Our rows are extremely crooked and
 nothing is grouped together because Adam and I didn't do our jobs properly. But the way we see it, when everything comes up, we'll just pick it.
   The one thing I was able to get organized were my tomatoes.  My 60(+) tomato plants.  I have about 42 romas, some lemon boys, sweet 100, healthkick, better boy, 3 San Marzano, Old German, Purple Cherokee, and I think one more but who can keep track!  Well if you know me, you know I wasn't satisfied!  Adam's grandmother mentioned something about pineapple tomatoes so Adam and I went to bigger farm supply stores (Ashcombe's & Stauffer's of Kissel Hill) and found those tomates (I picked up two plants) and some zebra striped, yellow pear, tomatillo & something called Joe Robeson.  I know I don't need them but when I make that first salad, it's going to be BEAUTIFUL  and delish!   We'll also be trying some corn this year!  WATCH OUT DEER I GOT MY GUN LOADED!  Just kidding!