Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dandelions... are weeds?

Who would have thought?  I always thought dandelions were just a fancy green in salads.  Today, the farmer's market that we go to had dandelion greens for sale.  I told Adam that we should get some for salads and that we should also grow them as well in our garden.

Big mistake.

Turns out, Adam thought dandelions were a weed and he started laughing.  Ok. So maybe they aren't on the same level as arugula or romaine, but they are definitely not a weed.... right?

So we skipped the dandelion greens and headed to his parents' house to work in the garden.  There, I decided to tell Adam's dad about the dandelions and about growing them.  If Adam just laughed at my naivete, then his dad almost died from laughing.  Apparently there is a whole industry devoted to killing weeds like dandelions.

Lesson learned.

Welcome to Jack's Garden

This is Jack.  See Jack garden.  OK, so maybe Jack won't be doing much gardening, except for a little digging and rodent control.  

This is the second year that Adam and I have had a garden at Adam's grandmother's house.  Last year's was a nice size garden but this year will be the Taj Mahal of gardens.

We've uploaded a list of what is growing at this point and what we hope to be growing.  If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Easter Sunday will be our first planting day, and before then we will be uploading photos of us preparing the garden, our favorite place to shop, and some tips that we have discovered along the way.