Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Shell or Not to Shell, That is the Poll

So last year Miguel wanted to grow dandelions... and that was quickly put to a halt.  This year though, the subject item is more reasonable.

Miguel wants to grow the types of peas that you have to shell.  While I don't mind trying something new, i.e. rhubarb, I think we purchased one bag of peas in the last year.  Plus I am not one for the extra work of having to shell peas.

So the new poll is, should Miguel and Adam plant the type of peas you have to shell?

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  1. I still have memories of having to shell peas - FOR HOURS - as a kid. My thumb became green and hurt so much! I can still hear them bouncing on the floor as we were shelling. But oh the wonderful aroma as my Mom was blanching them for freezing. Maybe you can have pea shelling parties - invite your friends in to help. I can see the peas flying around now! Or, maybe you shouldn't plant that type of peas. Decisions, decisions. I love peas, no matter what type. The sugar and snap peas sound WONDERFUL! Love reading about your garden on your blog.